The marketing solution for your events

Delight is a data-driven digital marketing suite designed specifically for the performing arts, sports and museums.

Getting started with Delight

When we meet new people who are interested in Delight, they (almost) always ask the same question: what do we need to work together? So we tried to summarise it all here.

Your ticketing data

The heart of Delight is the recovery of transactions made by your customers, whatever the source: software, white label, grey label, flat file or data exchange with a partner. We take care of everything, it's our specialty...

Your newsletter subscribers

.. Then, we look for other essential data on your behalf: subscribers to your newsletters or alerts. This way, you not only know what your customers have bought but also what might interest them tomorrow...

Your other data

... And finally, we centralise all the data that belong to you by connecting to other data streams such as cashless, access control, merchandising, licences, subscriptions, contests...

And of course, opt-ins!

All these data repatriation and hosting operations are carried out in full compliance with the GDPR. Delight allows you to control the management of consents in one click.

A digital marketing suite designed in-house by passionate people to save our clients time (and money) and make their life easier.

How does it work?

Our solutions

Three solutions entirely developed in-house and a customised consulting offer to boost the ROI of your digital marketing and communication actions.

They talk about us

We're lucky to work with more than a hundred clients. 
Some of them agreed to share their experience of Delight with you...

We were one of the first customers and many have followed since. It's important to note that our site's market share has been growing ever since.
Gérard Drouot Productions
Nicolas Zeitoun
Sales Manager
We updated and cleaned our customer database with Delight. The GDPR law came shortly after and Delight was able to guide and support us in order to see things more clearly and make the right choices within the company.
Caramba Culture Live
Eléonore Jouis
Communication Manager
For me, the real strength is the support and the team.
If we have a problem, we can contact you very quickly and get an answer within a reasonable timeframe. We really feel listened to and supported.
Opéra de Liège
Gerlando Crapanzano
Digital Sales & Marketing Manager

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