Our team

Delight is a story that started with three people. Today, it is a story of (large) family.
The team's strength lies in a variety of cultures and talents, mixing the arts of algorithms, web development and marketing.

A crew that masters data like experts, answers your questions,
and ensures the performance of the Delight solution.

Founding members

Oliver Abitbol

Commercial Director

Marc Gonnet

CEO & Co-founder

Eric de Rugy

President & Co-founder

The crew

Jean Creusefond

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Kadiatou Bécam-Touré

Data Protection Officer

Nicolas Blanc

Head of Product

Rosy Onfray

Customer Success Manager

Eric Panyasiri

Lead Developer Back

Rindra Rabiazamaholy

Lead Data Engineer

Mickaël Fontaine

Lead Developer Front

Jade Mlynarz

Product Designer

Charles-Antoine Salles

Front Developer

Aymeric Alba

Customer Success

Ons Hosni

Data Engineer

Hippolyte Joubin

Product Manager

Pierre Zawadil

Backend Developer

Violeta Colella

Accounting Manager

Jordan Burnichon

Data Engineer

Jennifer Lecoq

Developer Back (apprenticeship)

Elisa Chatel

Customer Success (apprenticeship)

They worked with us

Romain Vincent
Data Scientist
Etienne Guyonnet
Sales Operations
Alexandre Geoffrion
Business Developer
Lisa Pujol
Business Development Manager
Yannis Weishaupt
Back End Developer
Alice Casenave
Customer Relationship Manager
Chloé Lopez
E-commerce/e-marketing Manager & Business Analyst
Tatiana Marunceac
Communication & Customer Success Manager
Florian Lamache
Technical project manager
Nathan Gallet
Back End Developer
Sidy Diagne
Business Development and Customer Success Assistant
Xavier Demompion
Lead Developer
Laura Debard
Digital Marketing Project Manager & Campaign Manager
Félix Déage
Senior Developer
Julien Braun
Product Project Manager