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Save a lot of time with strategic support

How can you generate more personal data that will become one of your most valuable assets? How can you use this data in a strategic way to get more attendees to your events, develop audience loyalty or further expand your database and better qualify it?
Whether you have very little or no data, whether you are a beginner or already an expert,
Ambition is made for you...


We carry out a complete analytical study based on your Ignition data: you will have recommendations and analysis grids enabling you to put in place the necessary actions to achieve your objectives.

Use case: how is the audience of my festival in 2021 different from that of 2019 or 2018? Does it vary from night to night? How can I boost stagnant Friday night sales?


We provide a personalised support designed to identify the practices that are best suited to the specificities of your industry and to address operational problems.

Use case: you have decided on an ecological transition for your theatre and you want to know how to adapt your communication to avoid greenwashing.

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We assist you in the design of sales pitches and their implementation in sponsorship programmes.

Use case: you know how to talk to sponsors or local partners, but not necessarily to brands who need figures to be convinced. We can build for you a sales pitch to help you secure their sponsoring budget.

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We depict the level of affirmation of your brand identity and share strategic recommendations to enhance it.

Use case: to respond to a call for projects, you wish to specify and refine the identity of your venue or festival as well as its societal positioning. We deliver a unifying brand platform for your teams and your partners.

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