The tool for building loyalty and enhancing customer relationships

Get to know your customers better and increase their loyalty by providing personalised information and services, e.g. by programming automated messages according to your needs in just a few clicks (survey prior to an event, satisfaction survey, personal message, etc.), all summarised in the most practical and comprehensive client files on the market.

Outil de fidélisation et de valorisation de la relation client
Happy Customer
Approfondissez la connaissance de vos publics avec des sondages ad hoc

Gain a deeper understanding of your audiences with ad hoc surveys

Ask your audiences, assess their favourite programming, their concerns about health safety and their desire for interactivity in a simple and immediate way, and benefit from automatic pre-formatted reports. 

Enrich your audience and visitors experience

Communicate practical information in advance of an event, notify them in 2 minutes of any changes or invite them to an exclusive event thanks to your perfect knowledge of their purchasing profile.

Enrichissez les services envers vos spectateurs et visiteurs

What to do with Relation?

Automate everything that can be automated to save valuable time


Adapt your messages and services to individual expectations of according to relevant criteria (frequency, seniority, distance, profile, etc.)


Set up each mailing once and for all based on personal (birthday), calendar (Valentine's Day) or operational dates


Use text messaging to inform ticket holders about a specific change: timetable, programme, performer, practical information, etc.


Each client record informs you about the customer profile, but also about purchases made, messages received or clicked, etc. 


A very flexible survey system allows the database to be queried on any subject, before, during or after an event.

Build loyalty

The whole range of CRM techniques can be used: customised message, exclusive offer, additional services ... and so much more!

Start using Relation today

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