The visualisation and segmentation tool for your customer data

Centralise your data (ticketing, newsletters, cashless, licences, subscriptions, B2B...) in a cleaned, de-duplicated and secured database that will allow you to know your audience better and create relevant segments to sell more tickets through targeted communications.

Outil de visualisation et de segmentation de vos données clients
Happy Customer
Constituez aisément des segments efficaces

Easily create effective segments for your communications

In just a few clicks, create coherent groups of spectators or visitors to test your intuitions or observations and refine your communication.

Accurately analyse your audience's buying behaviour

Centralise your data in Ignition, accurate to the penny, and turn it into valuable insights about your audiences.

Analysez avec précision les comportements d’achat

What to do with Ignition ?

Know your audience and segment into groups for better targeting


Securely collect and cross-reference purchase or relational data: online, resellers, hospitality, B2B...


Study your data (ticketing, forms, cashless...) to understand behaviours: frequency, temporality, interests...


Accurately group together your buyers and contacts, including your VIPs, based on relevant, single or cross criteria


Take advantage of the enriched knowledge of your audiences, by combining your segments, to optimise the ROI of your communications


Consult simple and updated dashboards to follow your activity and your communications' impact on sales


Facilitate internal collaboration between different users of the tools within your organisation

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