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Gérard Drouot Productions
Gérard Drouot Productions
Thanks to Delight, we now have all our data centralised in one place in a completely automatic way.
Nicolas Zeitoun
Sales Manager

What were you looking for when you first came to Delight?

Since its creation 35 years ago, Gérard Drouot Productions has wanted to remain in control of its ticketing. It then quite logically launched its own website in order to directly inform customers and have a sales tunnel of its own. Who can inform better the spectators and welcome them in the best conditions than the producer of a show? Seven years ago, when I joined the company, I managed to recover a lot of data that had never been requested. It was necessary to be able to sort, segment and classify them in order to professionalise the CRM process and help our sales channel to grow. That's why we started using Delight 4 years ago, we were one of the first customers and many have followed since. It's important to note that our site's market share has been growing ever since. Today, one in five buyers place an order directly on our website.

How did Delight help you?

Thanks to Delight, we have had all our ticketing and socio-demographic data stored in one place and in a fully automatic way for the past 4 years. Delight is interconnected with our ticketing software. With the launch of our new website a year ago, subscribers to our newsletter, pre-sales and seat release alerts all appear on the interface now. The platform is agile, easy to use and quite ergonomic I must say.

What benefits did you gain from using Delight's tools?

Thanks to Delight, we managed to:

  • deepen our knowledge of the audience
  • communicate with former buyers of our shows at a lower cost
  • save money in marketing
  • and of course, with the COVID crisis that we went through, address customers directly following postponements.

This crisis reinforced our belief that we had to develop our sales tunnel as much as possible and create an ever-stronger connection with our buyers in order to provide exceptional service in spite of the difficulties.

More than thirty years after it was founded in Strasbourg, Gérard Drouot Productions is now a pillar of concert production in France. Its know-how is recognised by the entire profession. Its artists have been appreciated by audiences for over three decades.






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